Have you ever thought about one second?  Probably not I know I didn’t really give it much thought except to say that there aren’t enough in my day.  But as I’ve been exploring the medium of film more and more I’ve been inspired and pushed to look at moments much differently.  It’s amazing how just one second can hold so much.   It made me think that by living so fast and not slowing down just how much is forgotten.  String those seconds together and you have a story…our story.   I want to slow down and enjoy the beauty in a second and hold on to it just a little longer.  This project is simply that, holding on to the seconds that make up our lives and documenting the beauty we live each day.   Each day I film one second of video, compile these seconds each month and in a years time I will have one precious documentary film of our year.

Seconds of Beauty – September from Melissa on Vimeo.