A few months ago,  I took an on-line DSLR film course with Xanthe Berkley  called Creating Time Capsules.  It was such a needed departure for me, one I didn’t know I needed.  Let me go back a bit.   I knew my fancy pants camera had the capability to record film but honestly that was never something that even interested me.  I just ignored that functionality all together.  But a few of my photog friends were taking this course and so I got curious and decided to sign-up.    So glad that I did.  It was all foreign to me but surprisingly not that hard to grasp.  Xanthe’s course is super user friendly and she really has thought of everything you need to get you started even providing creative prompts if you need that sort of help.  I dove right in a made a few very shaky and let’s just say “artfully focused” ( i.e. blurry) short films.  But it was fun, and I started to use my camera differently.  At a time when I was feeling down and a little frustrated about everything that I was shooting this perked me right up.  There are so many ideas swirling now about stories I want to tell and now I have options.  At some point, I hope to incorporate film into my family documentary sessions.   I will never give up shooting stills that’s not possible, I love the challenge of finding a moment, a spilt second that tells a story in one single frame.  But now I can incorporate the two, if I want or I can just get creative.  And that is what it’s all about.   Watch my first film below about my daughters school trip to the NY Hall of Science.   Ok I know it’s no award winner but we love watching it over and over.